Butterfly wings

Flit across my room

Leaving traces and a memory of you

A card you sent

Butterflies are free

You wrote

In the way only a captive would

Who glimpsed the potential

Of her lost self emerging

And enduring the transformation

From false to real

Bound tightly by the bonds

Of a legacy that wraps you in chains

You flit from high to low

Not yet having embraced

The healing place of the cocoon

Submission and surrender

To the womb of incubation

And gestation

That will birth

The full liberation of your soul

The chrysalis experience teaches

That that which most binds you

Will offer you release

If you are willing to enter the pain

And allow it to transform and heal you

Deep inside that tightly bound place

Dissolve and transform your caterpillar self

By embracing and allowing the fire and the flood

To burn and wash you clean

Through enduring this

You will fashion wings of gold

From the darkest substance

Holding yourself suspended there

You will free the child inside you

Who was never allowed a voice

Who was never allowed to live

As her true self

Learn to say no

To those old imprisoning voices

Arise from of the ashes of the old

Emerge into the light

Birth the germ of your soul





Beautiful butterfly

You were born to fly

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